Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-05-11 - Assembling the F-705 bulkhead. (1.0 Hrs).

Due to the tear-down and clean-up of my two junkyard rotary engines, it's been a few months since I did any work on the fuselage. However, since I bought Dana Overhall's rebuilt rotary engine, I won't be rebuilding the junk yard engines that I had. Now, I'm back on the fuselage for a few months, waiting on the next production run of Tracy Crook's engine controller and monitor.

After cleaning-up all of the engine mess and putting all of the parts in plastic bins, I was ready to start back on the fuselage. Today, I didn't have much time to work, but I wanted to do something, so I spent a little time figuring out where I left off. The last thing that I did was to drill all of the parts for one of the seat adjustment supports, so I decided to do the other one today. That didn't take long, because I just used the previous parts as templates, and drilled the new parts. I even had a little time to deburr the F-705F channel. It felt good to do some metal work for a change.

All of the engine parts in plastic bins. I need a place to store everything.
Drilling the second F-705J angle using the first as a template.
The first few holes on other F-705K plate and F-705-L are done. All I need to do is drill the other holes using the pre-punched holes on the other side of the F-705F channel.
Deburring the inside holes using a countersink turned by finger--barely works. I saw the perfect tool for this in the Brown tool catalog the other day--just costs $200.
All of the parts drilled and deburred, ready for riveting.