Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-05-20 - Assembling the F-705 bulkhead. (3.0 Hrs).

Time to rivet F-705 together. I made a lot of mistakes tonight, but managed to fix them before I was done. Need to start thinking before squeezing those rivets.

First thing, was to deburr all of the parts.
First problem--these rivets are wrong. Top rivet should be 470, and the bottom rivet needs to go through the F-705B Center section Bar and the F-605C bar doubler.
Figured it out when I cleco'ed these parts on and there was a hole that had a rivet underneath it.
There, that's better. Notice that 470 goes underneath the bar doubler.
Rivet some other 470's in the center section bar, and put clecos in the holes that you do not want to rivet.
Oops! Should have put a cleco there. I've already drilled out the head, I just need to finish drilling out the body of the rivet.
All done with the bottom pieces. Need to go to bed before I make any more mistakes.
Notice the two flush rivets. Only one is right, but the other one won't hurt anything.