Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-05-29 - Assembling the F-706 bulkhead. (6.0 Hrs).

Finished with F-705, on to F-706. Some of these pictures are out of sequence, because of a database problem. Maybe I'll try to fix it someday.

Gathered up all of the parts (they were hiding in different places), and deburred everything. I spent a lot of time deburring the F-706 ring bulkhead. These parts are really thin, and I wanted to be sure that there were no cracks along the edges.
These pieces were also warped pretty badly.
View from the end.
I tried to straighten them with the fluting pliers. It helped a little, but then they started to warp the other direction.
Hard to tell if they are any better.
Drilled the snap bushing in each of the bulkheads.
I cut both the F-729C and F728B angles from one of the two long pieces of .063 angle that came with the wing. Then, I match-drilled and riveted the F-728B angle to F-729A.
Good enough.