Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-06-14 - Deburring the F-707, 708, 709 bulkheads. (8.0 Hrs).

Back from vacation, and I am ready to get back to work on this thing. I took an extra week off, just so I can finally get some build time.

This was actually two days of deburring, but there's really not much to show for it. All I can say, is that these bulkhead pieces are extremely thin and a PITA to debur. However, I think it is important to do a good job of deburring these parts, just because they are so thin. They are also bent all to heck and fluting doesn't really straighten them out, but it helps.

F-707 and 708, both drilled, ready to deburr.
Before fluting.
After fluting--it helps.
Since I am at it, I decided to deburr all of the bulkhead pieces.
F-711A/B are the only parts that I have seen in the kit where the factory did not radius the corners. The part on the bottom is the before, and the one on top is the after.