Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-06-16 - Deburring the F-711, and 712 bulkheads. (5.0 Hrs).

I wasn't going to prime any of the pieces inside the fuselage, but these rear bulkheads really need to be primed. So, I decided to finish deburring all of the rear bulkhead pieces and prime them before assembling them. I already assembled F-728 to F-706B, which makes priming a bit awkward, but not really a problem.

I decided to try my nibbler on the cutouts for the F-711 bulkhead.
The nibbler works, but is very slow.
I used the bandsaw for the second piece, and it went very quickly.
Drilling the F-711C bars to the F-711 bulkhead.
I drilled this hole 5/8" from the top, and I thought I might have to order a new piece. The bottom hole is 5/8" from the bottom, and the side distance is 5/8", but the top hole is supposed to be 13/16 from the top. I decided that I would just drill a new hole to the left. However, after taking my horizontal stabilizor down, and looking it over, the hole that I drilled will be ok. The HS is not predrilled, and there is a little leeway here.
Drilled the second F-711C bar to the first, except for the screw-up.
Both bars are drilled, and the F-711D angle is clamped-on, ready to be drilled. I decided to not drill this piece until I have the longeron in place, so I can get it right.
If you are building a 7A, you can lighten the F-711C bars a little.
Before was 5.5 oz, after was 4.5 oz. Several hours to save one ounce. It's your choice. This is what makes slow-build, slow.
F-711 all done.