Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-07-04 - Riveting the rear bulkheads. (5.0 Hrs).

I got the two longeron angles down from where they were hanging, since I am just about ready to start on them. Those suckers are almost as long as my garage. Things are going to start getting crowded, so I cleaned out the garage a little, but there's not much more that I can move out.

Before starting on the longerons, I needed to finished-up the rear bulkheads. I figured I just needed to squeeze a few rivets, and I would be done, but things don't always go as you plan. I started to cleco the F-706 bulkheads to the already riveted F-706B/F-728/F-729 assembly, and things did not fit quite right, so I looked at the plans. Somehow, looking at DWG-26, I convinced myself that the F-706 parts were backwards, so I reversed them and riveted them to the F-706B bulkhead bottom. Of course, if I had looked at DWG-21 a little closer, it would have been obvious how these parts go together. Anyway, I had to drill out all of the rivets on the F-706 parts, and redo them.

After riveting all of the rear bulkheads, I realized that I had not prepared the F-712E tiedown part. So, I had to trim the corners, deburr it, and then tap the hole for the tiedown ring. This part did not get primed with the other parts, so I will have to shoot it later. It's not going to get attached anytime soon.

Something's not right here.
That thing is definitely backwards!
Drilling out the rivets went really well.
That's a little better.
I wasn't going to match drill the F-711D and F-710B angles to F-711 and F-710 because I wanted to make sure that they fit up against the longerons. However, after getting the longerons down, and using another angle that was identical to the longerons, it was pretty easy to see exactly how these angles need to fit. As the plans say, the angles align with the top of the bulkheads.
That ought to be about right.
Drill it.
F-711 is done. The angle gets riveted after the skins are riveted.
F-712 riveted together. I need to get the rivet gun out to reach the top two center holes, and the bottom center hole gets covered by the tiedown.
Trim the bottom corners of the F-712E tiedown.
Make it smooth.
Tap the hole for the tiedown ring.
Make sure the tiedown ring fits with the bolt to lock it.
That's enough for today.