Fuselage - AFT Section

2005-07-06 - Finish the rear bulkheads, cut the longerons! (2.0 Hrs).

I finished match drilling the F-710B angle to the F-710 bulkhead, and then I started on the longerons. I cut the longerons to length, after measuring at least three times. Then, I marked the important locations along each longeron, that are needed to get the big bend correct. Cutting the longerons to length is one of those tasks that you really hope you do right. I suspect that it would cost quite a bit to order another set. Remember they shipped with the wing kit because they are so long. Anyway, it looks like I got the parts cut per the plans, so I am ready to start the big bend.

Match-drilling the F-710B angle to the F-710 bulkhead.
Again, the angle aligns with the top of the bulkhead. Rear bulkheads are done, for now.
First thing is to lay DWG-17A onto a piece of cardboard, remove the bottom template from DWG-17A, and tape the template to the cardboard. The template covers a section of the longeron between 20 and 80 inches from the forward end (i.e., you don't get a full template).
Cut the cardboard to a convenient size, like so.
Mark this, measure it three times, measure it once more, then cut it off! Then, do it again (on the other piece, of course).
Next, mark both longerons at 28 1/4", 38 7/16", and 69 9/32". Looks good.
Oops, something's not right here.
That's good. Ready for the big bend.