Fuselage - AFT Section

2005-07-09 - Bending the right longeron. (3.5 Hrs).

I bent the right longeron, match-drilled the F-721B aft decks, and made the downward bend in both longerons. Again, not a big deal--longerons are done.

The left longeron was done last night, waiting on his buddy.
There, both longerons are bent, except for the downward bend.
Line up the left F-721B to the 28 14" mark, and make sure that it sticks out by the thickness of a piece of .032", then drill it.
Left is done.
Both are done.
Just a few wacks, and the downward bend is done on the left longeron.
Bad view from the other side.
The right longeron is done, also, except for the twist.
Now, the twist. This is what you are trying to match on the fire wall.
The bigger picture.
One way to measure the twist--ruler on the right, behind the level.
Here's another, the angle should be 17°.