Firewall Forward - Engine

2005-07-10 - Cleaning parts and the garage. (4.0 Hrs).

I was building the fuselage, and I ran out of room, so I had to clean the garage, again. When Dana sent me the engine, he, also, sent along a box of parts. I didn't look too closely at the parts, because most of them were greasy, and I was tired of cleaning greasy parts. So, the box of parts has been sitting in the middle of the garage, taking up space, for the past month-and-a-half.

However, when I started cleaning the parts before putting them into a new storage bin, I discovered that Dana had sent me the AT flywheel and counterbalance--woo hoo! I have been looking for these on Ebay for the past several months. I haven't seen very many of these parts on Ebay, but the new parts are $380. I was getting ready to use buy-me-now on Ebay, but I thought $165 was a little high for a used part. I'm glad that I held off. Thanks, Dana.

I cleaned-up all of the parts, and bagged most of the small parts. These are a few of the parts that Dana sent. You can always use injectors, sparkplugs, and there's a very useful oil pressure sender in there.
Here's the real gem, the automatic transmission flywheel and counterweight, along with the front counterweight.
I moved some stuff out, and moved the tables over about a foot. The fuselage will fit, but I still need more space.
View from the rear, along with my hot dog.
This does not look good.
Nor, does this.
And, this is just not what I would call an organized bench. Looks like I have more cleaning to do.