Fuselage - AFT Section

2005-07-20 - AFT Fuselage Assembly. (2.0 Hrs).

I drilled the J-Channels, and match drilled all of the bulkheads. I still have to drill all of the holes on the bottom.

After installing all of those clecos on the aft fuselage the other day, my hand ached like crazy the next few days. I think the main problem was with all of the clecos in the bottom of the bulkheads. I had a hard time with every single hole, and bent quite a few clecos. So, today I used my cleco gun for most of the clecos, and my hands felt fine the next day.

J-Channels drilled on the right side.
And the left side. Notice that there are fewer clecos on the left side than the right. I actually ran out of clecos. I spent a half hour looking for my other bottle of clecoes, but I couldn't find it. Finally, I counted the clecoes in the fuselage, and discovered that all 300 of the suckers were already installed.