Fuselage - AFT Section

2005-07-31 - Debur AFT Fuselage Assembly. (3.5 Hrs).

I finished deburring and dimpling all of the AFT fuselage parts, or so I thought. I was out in the garage later tonight, and realized that I hadn't done any of the bulkheads. So, there's still a few parts to go. However, I did set the first few rivets in the AFT fuselage, when I riveted F-711 to the tailcone.

That's the right side, deburred and dimpled. Yes, I did remove the plastic covering on the inside of the right side skin. That was before I wimped-out and used the soldering iron on all the other pieces. If I had to do it again, I would have left the plastic on until after riveting. There's a lot of sliding back and forth on the table while deburring, and I think you need the plastic to protect the inside. Like the wing, I am not going to prime the skins. As it turned-out, I really didn't scratch this part, but the plastic makes me feel better.
After the deburring and dimpling are done, the plans say to cleco everything back together. However, I think it is easier to rivet F-711 and F-712 to the tailcone, while on the bench. That's when noticed that I had not deburred and dimpled the holes in F-711, so that had to be done before the riveting.
When I haven't riveted for awhile, I usually mangle the first part. This only had minor mangling. I had to drill out two rivets, and there's a pretty good dent on the top center rivet. Not too bad for bottom rivets.
Rivets on the front flange. Not great, but they will do.
Rivets on the back, ditto.
That's a start.