Fuselage - AFT Section

2005-08-07 - AFT Fuselage Assembly. (4.5 Hrs).

Today, I got the whole aft fuselage riveted together, except for the holes along the bottom edge. I'll probably need a little help for the bottom holes in the middle. Patricia has already offered to help.

The two rear bulkheads on the right are done.
The right side is done. Note, we only rivet up to, and including, the upper J-Channels. We need to be able to pull out the top of the side skins later when we install the longerons.
The left side is done.
All-in-all, these rivets look pretty good. I only had to drill out two rivets. The first was that one on F-707 that had the missed hole. I forgot about the backing plate, and the rivet was too short. Then I had to put in an oops rivet when I drilled it out. Then I had another rivet on the bottom side of one of the bulkheads where the flange stuck up too high, and I needed a longer rivet. Not bad for 400-500 rivets.
All that's left are those bottom rivets--next week.
This was a first. I actually got a blister holding the rivet gun.