Fuselage - Center Section

2005-08-28 - Preparing the center Fuselage. (3.5 Hrs).

Today, I fit the steps, as much as I could at this stage. The instructions say that if you are going to install the steps, you need to trim the F-623 corner ribs, now. Unfortunately, it is not very clear from the plans exactly where the flanges are trimmed. I remembered that there were instructions with the step kit, but all I could find were the step weldments. I had to hunt down the other parts for the steps, but I finally found them--they were not with the other sub-kits. For some reason I had put the step instructions in the back of the builder's manual, along with all of the other sub-kit instructions--imagine that. Anyway, after staring at the instructions for awhile, everything became clear, and I managed to get the second F-623 corner rib properly trimmed.

I remembered that I bought this drum sanding set from HF a few months ago. Looks just like what I need to trim the F-623 flanges for the steps.
This one matched the step leg, almost perfectly.
I marked this flange where I thought the edge needed to be trimmed--I was close.
Worked pretty good.
I was going to drill the 1625 block now, but decided that it really needs to be drilled after the hole in the side skin is drilled. That means I will have to have an angle drill, or maybe leave the F-726 rib unriveted until after the steps are fitted later. Sounds like a good excuse to buy an angle drill.
The first step did not fit exactly right, but it should be ok. I think all you have to do is trim the F-623 flanges so the step will fit, F-623 does not actually support the step.
This is how I marked the second rib before trimming it. Mark both the F-725 and the F-726 ribs 8 3/4" from the rear of the ribs. Then extend a ruler through those two marks, and mark the F-623 rib flanges.
The second step fit perfectly.
Since the steps are very sharp, I decided to spend an hour and deburr them now. I probably should have done this first.