Fuselage - Center Section

2005-09-02 - Preparing the center Fuselage. (5.0 Hrs).

Did some more deburring on the center section parts.

F-623A-Fwd and F-623A-Aft attach straps, cut from AS3-032x6x24 sheet. I looked all over for that sheet of aluminum.
Deburred and dimpled F-704 Fwd. Countersunk the 4 holes that match-up with the stiffeners on the F-772 bottom skins.
Deburred the back side of these holes, even though they have not been match-drilled to anything, yet. When the two bulkheads are attached, it will not be possible to get to these holes. However, the F-704 Fwd bulkhead probably does not get attached until we rivet the forward section, so this is probably not needed, now.
The right tool for the job.
Those nuts for the seat belt anchors were in the way, so I removed them. In fact, I went ahead and removed all of the seat belt anchors.
Dufus forgot to mark the cutouts for the snap bushings on the F-716 seat ribs. So, cleco them back on, mark them, and remove them, again.
Since I missed the seat ribs, it makes sense that I would miss the snap bushings for the baggage ribs, also, so cleco, mark, remove...
Soldering iron, vinyl, trim, again.
I found a set of cutting bits for an old rotary grinder that I tossed a long time ago. Turns out, that this bit is the perfect tool for cutting out the snap bushing holes in the end of the F-727 and F-716 ribs.