Fuselage - Center Section

2005-09-14 - Assembling the center Fuselage. (2.5 Hrs).

Cleco'd on the seat and baggage skins, and drilled F-715R.

Cleco'd on the baggage ribs and F-705 bulkhead. Then, I cleco'd on the seat and baggage skins. I was going to rivet the baggage ribs to the F-776 bottom skin, per the instructions, but I wanted to be able to deburr the holes in the ribs after match-drilling them to the baggage skins. I'm not sure why we didn't do this earlier before the seat ribs were riveted to the bottom skins. The instructions are getting less useful every day.
Fluted F-715R so that it is bent to match the holes in the F-776 skin.
My interpretation of how the top holes in F-715 need to be drilled. The rib sticks out past the edge of the seat skin by about .032".
F-715, drilled and cleco'd on.