Fuselage - Center Section

2005-09-16 - Assembling the center Fuselage. (5.0 Hrs).

Drilled F-715L and the four F-623A attach straps. Deburred the holes in the baggage ribs and cleco'd them on to the F-705 bulkhead and the F-776 skin.

Drilled F-715L.
Decided that I better drill the F-623A FWD and AFT attach straps. This is the FWD strap being drilled.
FWD strap drilled and cleco'd on.
Here's the AFT strap. I wasn't quite sure which hole this went to at the AFT end, but the plans are pretty clear, if you look close enough.
AFT strap drilled and cleco'd on.
Forgot to drill the holes in the FWD edge of the F-715 ribs. So, cleco on F-704H and drill.
I went ahead and countersunk the holes for the nutplates in the baggage ribs. Easier to do now, on the bench, than later, after the center section is installed.
Removed all of the baggage ribs and deburred the holes that were match-drilled to the baggage skins. Ready to do final install on the baggage ribs.
Final check before we rivet on these baggage ribs. Make sure that the holes for the snap bushings have been drilled. One more thing, I made sure that all of the bottom holes in the ribs were dimpled, as well as all of the holes in the F-776 skin (remember that big ugly pop rivet in the seat ribs).

After this was taken, I had to remove all of the ribs again, because it appears that they had not been match-drilled to the seat ribs and the F-705 bulkhead. Once the F-776 skin is on, it is hard to match-drill these ribs, so make sure that you do this way back when.