Fuselage - Center Section

2005-09-17 - Finished assembling the center Fuselage. (3.0 Hrs).

Had a bit of trouble with the rivets in the end of the ribs and the F-705 bulkhead. Again, they were not properly match-drilled, and a lot of rivets just did not fit. Had to drive most of them in, using a hammer and another rivet set. Most of the rivets were set ok, but a few were not as good as I would like, but there is no practical way to drill them out and try again. Better to leave a few bad rivets, than to make things worse. Anyway, this section is done.

Spent an hour riveting the seat and baggage ribs to the F-705 bulkhead. Had a lot of problems here, since the match-drilling yesterday was not perfect, due to the angle of the drill. Probably a good reason to get an angle drill

Here is one of the bad rivets, that will have to stay. Probably can't tell from the bad picture, but it is bent pretty badly. Actually, that top rivet doesn't that good either.

Ready to rivet the baggage ribs to F-776.
Forget that "center section on its end riveting" crap. This works much better, as you could have predicted.
All done.