Fuselage - Center Section

2005-09-23 - Joining the rear and center fuselage Assys. (2.5 Hrs).

I am getting ready to join the rear and center fuselage assemblies, but I have run into a few problems. First, I only have three saw horses, and I think I need four. Next, the saw horses are not wide enough to support the fuselage when it is turned upside down. Third, I am out of space.

The first problem can be solved, by simply buying another saw horse. Oh, darn, it looks like I need to go to Harbour Freight, again. Good thing we have one only five miles away. I love that place.

The second problem can be solved by bolting a 1x4 to the top of two of the saw horses. That's what I did today.

The third problem is a bit harder to solve, because it involves cleaning out my garage to make more room. I hate cleaning out the garage. I'll start on that next week.

Here's the problem, as you can see the saw horse will support the fuselage when it is right side up, but upside down, the fuselage is too wide for the saw horse.
Problem solveded.
After fixing the saw horses, I started preparing the fuselage to be joined to the center section. First thing was to make sure that the longerons will fit into the bulkhead slots. Here, I have one of the scrap pieces that were cut from the end of the longerons. It seemed to fit all of the slots, but a few were tight, so I trimmed them to fit.
Did a little deburring on the seat skins.
Turned the AFT fuselage upside down on the saw horses.
When I turned the AFT fuselage, I found a rivet that needs to be replaced.