Fuselage - Center Section

2005-10-02 - Joining the rear and center fuselage Assys. (5.0 Hrs).

It's been a while since I got to actually work on the airplane. I have had to clean out the garage a little to make more room so I could attach the center section to the AFT fuselage. Also, I had to deal with a little (rat problem) .

Anyway, I got about two more feet of clearance in the garage, and managed to attach the center section to the AFT fuselage assembly. Note, that I did this alone, because it was so hot out here today, and I didn't want to ask my wife to come out and help. However, I would recommend that you do this with two people.

Marking the longeron for the notch in the back for F-711. F-714 is the perfect template. The end of F-714 aligns with the notch that was already cut in the end of the longerons, and the notch for F-711 is already cut into F-714. Here, I have used a marker to fill-in the area that needs to be removed from the right longeron.
Longerons fitted into the AFT bulkheads. This picture also shows how much space I was able to make in the shop--not much.
Center section attached to the AFT fuselage. Dan's right, leave the baggage skins off until the two sections are mated. You need to pull the ribs down a little in order for the center section to slip over the F-706 bulkhead.
Front left side.
View from inside, with the baggage skins reattached.
I went ahead and cleco'd on the left FWD side skin.
Front left side.
Front left side from inside.