Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-11-26 - Adding the forward fuselage. (3.5 Hrs).

Drilled the firewall to the longerons and the F-770 skins. Also, cut the holes for the main gear weldements in the F-772 bottom skin.

After the break, checking all three conditions: (1) Firewall is 5/8" aft of FWD edge of F-770; (2) longeron clamped to Wd-602; and (3) rivets slide into holes. Ready to drill.
Drilled the firewall flange to F-770 skins--both sides.
Drilling the Wd-602 brackets to the longeron/F-770 side skin. This went a lot easier than I thought it would, as did the firewall flange.
I cutout the landing gear hole template from DWG 34A, and marked the holes in the F-772 bottom skin. I probably should have laminated the template, but this worked ok.
Two cuts with the hole saw, and we are pretty close. Just a little touch-up with the rotary cutter, and we will be done. BTW, after this shot, I figured-out that it is better to remove the plastic around the hole and mark directly on the skin.
Reinstalled the F-772 bottom skin, and marked the edge of F-704 that needs to be removed. I think I'll quit for today. I'd rather cut on F-704 when I am a little less tired.

Edit 4/23/06: Do not drill the hole for the brake line yet. Wait until you fit the weldments; otherwise the holes will not line-up. Thanks Van!