Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-04 - Installing the aux longerons (F-713). (3.5 Hrs).

Drilled and twisted the F-713 Auxiliary Longerons.

Trimmed the flange on the F-704 bulkhead to match the gear weldment holes that were previously cut in the F-772 bottom FWD skin.

Edit 4/23/06: Do not drill the hole for the brake line yet. Wait until you fit the weldments; otherwise the holes will not line-up.

Drilling F-713-L. I drilled the first few holes and partially drilled the other holes, then I removed F-713, and drilled all of the holes on the bench.
Marked the end of F-713, which needs to be trimmed to butt up against the F-704 FWD bulkhead.
Looks like I managed to cut a little too much off the end of F-713L. Try to do a better job on F-713-R.
That's more like it.
Putting a little twist in F-713R.
I went ahead and drilled F-713 to the F-684 gusset, also.