Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-10 - Installing the aux longerons (F-719). (3.0 Hrs).

Fab'd the F-719B Angle Clips and started on the F-719 Forward Skin Stiffeners. The problem was that my firewall did not quite match the plans. The angle clips and Skin Stiffeners are made from 3/4" x 3/4" angle. These parts are supposed to fit between the F-601B stiffeners on the firewall and the F-770 side skins. However, the distance between the F-601B stiffeners and the F-770 side skins is about 5/8", so I needed to do a little bit of cutting to make things fit.

Also, the F-719B Angle Clips are supposed to attach to the F-719 side stiffeners on one side and the F-601B firewall stiffeners on the other side. The problem here is that if you follow the plans and drill the holes in the F-719B Angle Clips, then the hole that goes to F-601B is covered up by the F-770 side skins. It looks like I will have to remove the side skins in order to be able to match drill the Angle Clips to the F-601B firewall stiffeners. I wanted to think about what to do here, so these parts did not get finished today.

F-719B L/R Angle Clips. About an hour's worth of work here--45 minutes on the first one, 15 minutes on the second one. I think I finally have my bandsaw adjusted, though.
This next piece requires a little work. First F-719 is a little long. Second, it is a little wider than the gap between F-601B and F-770. There's a little cutting that needs to be done here.
I trimmed the AFT end of F-719 at an angle to match the F-704 FWD bulkhead.
The F-719B Angle Clip is supposed to fit between F-601B and F-770 and slide forward to the firewall. As you can see, it don't fit. Also, the hole in F-719B that needs to be drilled to F-601B is blocked by the side skins.
I cut a notch in the FWD end of F-719, here. I think F-719 is supposed to butt up against F-601B, but the notch seems to work just fine.