Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-17 - Installing the aux longerons (F-717). (6.0 Hrs).

It's been a long time since I entered anything in the log, even though I have been working for the last few weeks. It is the start of my vacation that I take every Christmas, and my plan is to get 4 hours a day of building in, every day except for Christmas. We'll see how this goes.

Ok, I'm entering this on January 5th, so I already know how many hours I worked. It came out to about 42 hours, which is way short of my 4 hours per day that I had hoped for. Remember, there are always things that tend to get in the way of building, like having to build an extention to the garage (October), or having to fix a broken water line (December).

Today, I fabricated the F-717 Lower Longerons. This requires cutting a notch in the end of each angle, and fitting it in place. Sounds simple enough...

Cut two pieces of .125 x 1 x 1.25 angle for the F-717 lower longerons.
The 1" side needs to have 4 1/8" cut off the end. Here, I have cut down to the 1.25 inch side and started the long cut with my band saw, which did not go well at all. Looks like I need the hacksaw again. Me and that band saw. Just when I though I had it working just right.
The 1" leg has been removed on the F-717L part, now the twist.
Twisting F-717L.
When the FWD end is clamped to the W-603 lower engine mount, the AFT end of F-717 should line up with the F-770 side skin.
The AFT end should butt up to F-704.
Other view.
It takes about 2 hours for the girls to tire out. Prior to this, everything in the factory floor is subject to being ripped to shreds.
Removing the 1 inch leg on F-717R. Note, the credit card is taped there to keep the hacksaw from scoring the other leg.
Getting ready to drill the holes for the four AN3-5A bolts that attach F-717 to the WD-603 lower engine mount. The line on the left is inside of WD-603 which is under F-717. Measure half the distance between that line and the edge of F0717 to get the center of each hole. Note, the short lines to the left were my first estimate based upon the width of F-717, but I forgot about WD-603 underneath.
First hole drilled.
Looks good from the other side, so do it.
All drilled, one bolt installed. Note the 3/16" clecos. You rarely get to use these, but it's good to have them when you need them.
View from the bottom.