Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-18 - Installing the aux longerons (F-684 gussets). (3.5 Hrs).

Today, we cut the F-684 gussets and fitted them in place.

The job today is to go from the part on the left to the part on the right.
To the final part on the right. Notice the piece of balsa wood, which will be used as a spacer to ensure that F-684 FWD edge is 1/8" AFT of the firewall.
Drilling F-684R to the F-601B FW stiffener. Note the 1/8" balsa spacer. Also, notice all of the marks that I made in F-684 before I got the hole spacing right.
F-684L Gusset drilled and cleco'd in place.
F-684R Gusset clamped in place so we can drill from the other side.
Drilling F-684R to the F-713 longeron and the WD-603-R engine mount.
So, was I successful? Pretty much, except the second part only took an hour, and it lacks the hammer marks where I had to remove the first bend; otherwise they are the same.