Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-19 - Installing the forward bulkheads (F-902). (3.5 Hrs).

Prepared the F-902 Forward Bulkheads.

F-902-L/R with the rudder cable hole enlarged to 5/8", nutplates installed, and the left one is deburred.
F-7101 gear attach web attached to F-704 and the side skin, being drilled to the F-713 Aux Longeron. Instructions say to drill F-902 to F-7101 and the side skins, but it makes sense to me to drill F-7101 to the side skin and F-713 first, so it can be pulled up tight before drilling to F-902.
Drilling F-7101 to F-902L. Right angle drill attachment finally gets some use. Needed to mark the top hole and remove F-902 to drill it.
F-902L and F-7101L both drilled. The FWD fuselage assembly gets stronger all the time. Now, do the other side.