Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-20 - Installing the forward bulkheads (F-786C). (3.0 Hrs).

Very simple task today, just make 4 spacers: two F-796Cs from .063; and two F-796Ds from .032. What can go wrong, besides spending an hour looking for .063 sheets. I found a bag with six .063 x 0.62 x 3 parts, so I used them. Probably should have used these for the last .063 pieces I needed.

One .032 and one .063 done. Note, the holes are not centered for two reasons: 1) I used the .625" wide .063 pars; and 2) Van's dimensions are wrong. I drilled the top hole 1/4" from the AFT edge where it butts up against F-902. Unfortunately, Van forgot that F-902 has a large radius, and you need to file this to fit. So, file it.
Four parts all done--3 hours?
Spacers in place on the left side.
Close up.