Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-21 - Installing the forward bulkheads (F-786B). (2.5 Hrs).

Today, we made the F-796B-L reinforcement angle for the forward bulkheads.

F-796B-L all done. Note, this part should only have holes on one angle, but this was a piece of scrap left over from the longerons that was used to make the rolled-up edge of the F-770 side skins, so these are now "lightening" holes. Also, note, that there are a few more holes to be match drilled to F-796A. I should also say that this part did not match Van's dimensions. Final length came out to 4 7/16", that's 1/4" shorter.
F-796B-L in place, with the spacers installed.
Session cut short. Patricia's home from Houston, gotta go.