Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-24 - Installing the rudder and brake pedals. (2.0 Hrs).

Day before Christmas, and I got a start on the rudder and brake pedals. It looks like over the next few sessions, I will get about one brake pedal done per day. Again, this is probably a lot more than needs to be done for each brake pedal, but I am going to leave them unpainted, so I want them to look good.

Found all of the parts for the rudder pedal and brake system. Now, start deburring and installing.
I thought this sanding drum would be perfect. Unfortunately, once the sandpaper roll was added, it was too big.
Cleaning up the holes in the F-6117BPP Brake Pedals. The drum sander did not work all that well after all. It clogged-up too quickly. I ended up using the standard hook deburring tools to do the job, but it was a lot of work and hard on my hands.
Two parts deburred and polished. Not much to show for two hours work, but it's Christmas eve and I can't spend too much time out here today, or I'm in trouble. Besides, the football game is on. Good thing Patricia likes football (she's a native Texan, and football is in their blood down here).