Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-26 - Installing the rudder and brake pedals. (3.5 Hrs).

Completed one brake pedal.

You need eight F-6117C angles, each 4" long.
Somehow, I messed-up the holes in the first F-6117C angle. I drew a centerline down one face of the angle and drilled it to the brake pedal. When I was done, the holes on each end were off by 1/16". So, I flopped the angle over and used the other face.
One brake pedal cleco'd together, bolted to the right rudder pedal assy (F-655-R). Here, you can see the holes in the right F-6117C angle that were the result of my earlier screw-up. Now, they are "lightening" holes.
Front view.
F-6117-R Brake Pedal Assy, all done.
Back side.
Installed on WD-655-R Rudder Pedal Assy, ready for the master cylinder.