Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-29 - Installing the rudder and brake pedals. (4.0 Hrs).

Finished the brake pedals, and started assembling them to the rudder pedal assy.

Ready to drill the last brake pedal, and need to make sure that the F-6117A goes on the correct side.
Finally done, two sets of brake pedals.
Assembling the brake pedals to the WD-655-R Rudder Pedal Assy. The plans show one AN960-10L washer, but less than 3 and the castle nut screws on past the hole in the bolt. I'm sure that's not right. The other side was just right with one washer. Some had 1, some had 2, and some had 3.
Brake pedals assembled to the WD-655-L/R Rudder Pedal Assys. Still need to add the master cylinders and cut the F-6115 Side Rudder Pedal Block.