Fuselage - Forward Section

2005-12-30 - Installing the rudder and brake pedals. (1.5 Hrs).

Today, we drilled the F-6116 Side Rudder Pedal Bearing Blocks and cut the F-6115 Center Bearing Block. This was a short day due to a minor problem with my water main. I spent today and New Year's Eve fixing my water main due to a burst pipe. See, even in Austin, we have problems with water pipes freezing in the winter. Although, I must admit, if you have to dig up a water pipe on December 30th you could do worse than live in Austin, where it was 75° outside today.

Drilling the holes in the F-6116 Side Rudder Pedal Bearing Blocks. I know, I should have done this on the drill press, but this seemed easier.
Ok, there's a right way, and a wrong way. This was the right way.
Guess which holes were drilled with the drill press, and which were done freehand. Nuff said.
We need to cut F-6115 in half.
Trying to determine the best position for the brake pedals. There's not much guidance here from Van.
This is what I settled on. Who knows if it is right? Gotta go, my neighbor says my yard is flooding. Yet another thing to get in the way of building.