Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-01-02 - Installing the rudder and brake pedals. (4.0 Hrs).

Ok, the water pipes are holding, and it's back to building. Today, I started installing the Rudder Pedal assys.

We need to ensure that the brake pedals are even. I cut a small piece of PVC to hold the left brake pedal even with the right brake pedal. The book is holding both rudder pedals at the same height.
Then we can mark the hole for the master cylinder.
Cheap bastard Van shorted me on AN3-7 bolts, so I spent a half-hour turning an AN3-7A into an AN3-7 bolt. Not perfect, but it will do. Probably should have used the drill press, again.
Drill the F-6115 Center Rudder Pedal Bearing Block to the end of the F-6118 Rudder Pedal Brace. This sets the most AFT position of the rudder pedal assy.
I put the whole rudder pedal assy into the fuselage and the side blocks did not fit quite right. The fuselage narrows as you move towards the front. I thought, "these side blocks should be drilled at an angle." So I pulled everything out and looked at the side blocks. Guess what, Van already figured that out and did drill them at an angle. As usual, I had them on backwards--it happens.
F-6118 Rudder Pedal Brace sets the max AFT position.
This allows you to mark the side blocks on the F-719 Forward Skin Stiffeners.
Then you can drill the F-719 stiffeners on the bench. Make sure you mark which side block is left and right and which direction is forward; otherwise...
That worked. Now, remove everything again and drill a few more holes closer to the firewall. Next, we need to position F-6118 and trim it.