Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-01-07 - Installing the rudder and brake pedals. (6.0 Hrs).

Finished installing the rudder pedal assy.

We need to determine the most FWD position of the rudder pedals. Again, no guidance from Van, but it looks like we cannot go much further FWD than where the AFT holes in the side blocks fit in the FWD holes that we drilled in F-719. We may be able to go another 1/2", but we start running out of room to push the rudder pedals.
After drilling the FWD hole in F-719, I centered F-6116 between the FWD and AFT holes already drilled in F-719, and drilled another set of holes. This gives me 3 positions, FWD, Center, and AFT. Do the same for the right side.
Now, we need to drill the F-6118 Brace to the F-601N Firewall Stiffener. First, we need to bolt the rudder pedal assy to the AFT positions on the F-719 Side Stiffeners and bolt F-6118 to the rudder pedal assy. Then we need to measure the angle of the F-719 Forward Skin Stiffeners. Looks about like 7°.
Next, we duplicate the angle of the F-719 stiffeners and clamp F-6118 to the F-601N Firewall Stiffener.
Now, we can drill F-6118 to F-601N.
Once we get 2 clecos in F-6118, we can drill the other rudder pedal assy holes in F-6118. Note, the holes in F-6115 are closer together than the holes in the F-6116 side blocks.
Here's the pedals installed in the middle position. Everything fits and works.
Getting ready to trim F-6118 to fit around the F-601K Firewall Recess. I cleco'd F-601K in place so I could be sure just what needed to be cut away from F-6118 (as if there was any question).
F-6118 with the notch cut out--pretty simple. Now, all I need to do is cut the lightening holes in F-6118, and I'm done with the rudder pedals.
Oops, F-6118 needs to be on the outside of F-601K, not the inside. So, I had to file the end of F-6118 so it would fit on the other side. You can see how much needed to be removed to account for the .125 angle and the inside radius on the other side.
This is how F-6118 should be installed.
Other side.
F-6118, with the lightening holes, and deburred. Brake and rudder pedals are done (for now).