Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-01-08 - Installing the floor stiffeners. (4.5 Hrs).

Installed the F-722B floor stiffeners.

Identified each stiffener and marked their position and orientation (FWD and AFT ends are different). Here, I am marking the centerline on the left center piece.
The two center pieces clamped in place. Note the holes in F-704 do not line up with the center of F-722B.
The instructions say to have a helper shift the stiffener while you line up the centerline. Some of us do not have helpers, so what to do? Easy, attach the bottom skin and use it to drill the four holes in the F-601M-1 stiffener on the firewall. Then remove the bottom skin and drill the F-722Bs to the F-704 bulkhead and F-601M on the firewall.
Like so.
Now, we can reinstall the bottom skin and drill.
But wait, you still need a helper to hold the outside F-722Bs while you cleco on the ends, right? Who said you have to install the clecos from the top?
Looks like I found the centers, just fine.
All done with the floor stiffeners.
Oops, forgot about the side holes between F-722B and F-738B.
And let's not forget the side holes between F-722B and F-601J in the front. Now, we are done.
Since I was working on the F-722 Forward Bottom Skin, I decided to go ahead and drill the holes along the FWD edge to the firewall.
As well as the holes along the sides, where F-772 attaches to the F-717 Lower Longerons. I don't know if I missed these sometime back, or if they need to be left until later, but it seems like a good time to do this.
All drilled, all done for the day. Ouch, my hands and arms are tired. Lotta hole drilled today