Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-01-15 - Preparing to rivet the side skins. (4.0 Hrs).

Van says there are a number of tasks that need to be completed before riveting the side skins. I started on those tasks today. He lists three tasks: (1) rivet F-684 to the FW; (2) rivet F-7101 to F-902; and (3) rivet F-719 to the FW. Then, he says to debur and dimple everything. I finished the first three tasks for the left side today. The deburring is going to take awhile. There's a lot of deburring to do.

Start disassembling the FWD section so we can debur the parts and vacuum out all of the shavings.
Like this. Shaving are everywhere.
I went ahead and installed the nutplates in both F-684 gussets while I had them on the bench.
F-684L Gusset riveted to the vertical firewall angle. Note, the two rivets that are too short are Van's callout AN470D4-5 rivets. The correct rivets are -6. I'm not drilling out the bad ones. You'd think that after the first one, I would have learned. The right side will be better.
Rivet F-7101 Gear Attach Web to F-902. Of course, that means we have to debur F-7101 (already did F-902). This is when you wished you had deburred everything as you made it, but when you are making parts, you just want to see them assembled.
Rivet the F-719B Angle Clips to F-719. Before I did that, I filed down F-719B. I never was happy with how I left this, so now it is fixed.
Then, it looks like Van wants us to rivet the F-719B Angle Clip to the vertical angle on the FW, which means F-719 is now riveted in place. At least, at the FWD end. Still cleco'd at F-704. I think I was counting on being able to remove the center section. I have to be careful, because this will make it harder to do so.