Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-01-21 - Preparing to rivet the side skins. (3.0 Hrs).

Not much to show today. Just finished deburring and riveting the same parts on the right side as I did last time on the left (F-684, F7101, F902).

Deburred the engine mount parts in this area and riveted F-684 to the FW angle. Also, touched-up the lower engine mount where it had been chipped.
Deburred these parts. Apparently, I had not already deburred F-902 this time.
Rivet F-7101 to F-902.
Then, I cleco'd everything back on, just to make sure everything still fit. Ok, it was really to be sure that I put the rivets in the right place. I really didn't need to cleco this stuff back together. Maybe I'm a little too careful. Or, maybe I know how many mistakes I have made in the past. Either way, I feel better, now.
This is why you shouldn't rivet F-719 to the Firewall, just yet. If you want to remove the FW, you have this piece sticking out. At least, I only did the left side.
Firewall off, just about ready to remove the center section. So, why do we need to remove the Center Section. I mean, Van doesn't mention this before riveting the side skins?
This is why. These holes have to be deburred and dimpled. This cannot be done without removing the Center Section.
Center Section is off, thanks to a little help from Patricia. It's really not that heavy, but it is awkward. I put it up by myself, but I thought it would be prudent to get some help removing it.