Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-02-18 - Preparing to rivet the side skins. (4.0 Hrs).

It's been two months since I updated the website. Not that I haven't been doing anything, I just haven't updated my progress. Today (pretending it is February 18th) I did some more prep work on the center section, then attached it to the AFT fuselage a few times, with a few problems solved in between.

Remember this? Yep, that's the right armrest. There were two holes, one at each end, that we could not get to with the skins on.
Dot on the right needs to be drilled.
The holes along the side of the F-705 bulkhead need dimpling.
I had to grind the side of one of my 3/32" dimple dies and the squeezer, same as Dan.
As you can see, Van put the holes here a little close to the web. I probably needed a little more grinding on the die/squeezer.
Getting ready to reattach the center section. Note, I have most of the seat and baggage panels off, even though Van said to attach them for rigidity. However, I want this as light as possible, since I have to lift it in place by myself. Also, remember that it is easier to attach the center section with the rear baggage floor removed.
We have a problem.
Problem solved.
Bigger problem--these holes are not dimpled. I couldn't dimple them, so I was going to countersink them, but I forgot. This whole center section has to come off. I spent an hour getting it on! I won't repeat what I wrote in my notebook.
Ok, I just pulled the center section forward a little and countersunk the center six holes on the AFT section.
After all of that work, the gap is still not that good. I drilled the center two holes to 1/8" for oops rivets, but this still did not pull down. When I countersunk those holes the test piece fit good. The problem is that I used the tank dies on the outer holes--doh! I'm using the tank dies because I had a few proud rivets on the bottom of the AFT fuselage, and I thought the tank dies might help, but you have to use the tank dimples on both pieces.
This is why I am putting this all back together here. The F-715 ribs did not get drilled to the side skins. So, I want to do this before we start riveting the side skins on. Van never mentions F-715, so it looks like I can no longer trust the instructions to say when things need to be done.
Woo Hoo! I got to use my 8" long #30 drill. It's the little things.
All drilled. Now, do the other side, then remove the skins so we can debur the holes. I know...
Found some more undimpled holes. Who signed this off?