Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-02-25 - Preparing to rivet the side skins - left step. (5.0 Hrs).

Fit and drilled the left step. Drilled both F-6125 blocks for the steps.

Start on the left step by marking the position.
Like the right side, tape the step in place.
Turn it over and drill holes from the backside.
Mark the holes on the front side and drill. Then, bend the AFT corner using pliers. Next, remove marks in the step plate made by the pliers.
Reinstall the side skin and cleco on the step. Then drill the holes in the step plate to the fuse.
Now, we get to figure out what is holding the step back from seating against the fuselage.
Forgot to cut off the AFT corner of the step plate.
Pretty happy with how this came out. Notice that the holes have been drilled out to #30. Don't forget to cleco on F-724 on the inside so the 3 holes can be enlarged.
So, how do we drill this block? We need to have a bolt go through the block and the step pipe. We also need to drill the holes through the block and the rib. I'm going to try this. Mark the position of the block on the pipe. Then, remove the block and step, and drill the hole for the bolt through the pipe and block.
Here's the marks that I made on the pipe/block so we can align things on the bench.
Reinstall the step and insert the bolt.
Then, we can drill through the rib into the block. Remember, this is why I bought the angle-drill attachment. Note, the hole was drilled freehand. You just need a calibrated eye.
Looks like the calibration on my eyes is just fine.
Working on the right step, drill the hole for the bolt through the pipe.
This is about as bad as you can do on this hole!
Right side done, also. Definitely, not as good as the left. Must be getting tired.