Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-03-05 - Preparing to rivet the side skins - baggage nutplates. (5.0 Hrs).

Removed the center section again, hopefully for the last time. I wanted to use the edge seamer on the AFT edge of the center section, because there was a slight gap. Also, I had decided to go ahead and use nutplates for the baggage floor, and this is easier to do on the bench than after the center section is riveted in place. I really didn't like not having access to the seat belt and step bolts. After careful consideration, I decided not to go with the nutplates--read on.

Center section on the bench, again.
This really needed to be done before we dimpled.
So, what's it going to cost weight-wise for those nutplates? Here's 66 LP-3 rivets - 3 oz. (I know, the rods will disappear, so, say 1.5 oz).
66 nutplates and screws - 6 oz. Total difference - 4.5 oz.
A little problem. I wanted to use flush screws (AN-509-8R8) instead of the round top screws (AN-515-8R8). After drilling the first K-1000-08 nutplate and dimpling the F-750 side plate, I figured out that K-1000-08 nutplates (left) are not for dimpled holes. I have a few K-1100-06 nutplates (right). These take smaller screws, which is what I probably should be using, anyway. Looks like I need to place an order.

Ok, I just checked Van's catalog. The countersunk nutplates are $.48 a piece, .vs. $.18 for the K-1000-06's. That's $33 for 66 nutplates, plus $5 shipping. Looks like those baggage floors are going to be pop-riveted--per the plans.

Once I decided not to do the nutplates, I had to fix the hole in F-750-L that I had drilled to #19 and dimpled.
Tried to use epoxy to hold down those tabs that are sticking up on the ribs that attach to F-704. Don't know if this will work or not.
Sanded the SuperFil on both steps.
This looks good.
Center section back on for the last time, honest. Cleco'd on the skins so I can get things aligned properly. I plan to remove one skin at a time and set the rivets along the AFT edge of the center section first.
This was the reason for removing the center section, to get the AFT edge bent so it sits flush. Probably can't see from the photo, but the joint is almost perfect. Still a little gap in the middle.
Went ahead and shot some primer on the steps.