Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-04-23 - Riveting the side skins - FWD section. (4.5 Hrs).

Ok, the weldments both fit, it's time to set some rivets--finally. It was a good day of riveting, only 1 drill-out. I managed to rivet all of the holes that can be reached on my own.

Riveting the Fwd side skins begins with this rivet in the bottom of F-902. I did not drill this earlier, because I looked at the plans and the rivet between the longeron and F-902 gets drilled when you install the FWD top skin. That's all well-and-good, but this is the hole in the bottom of F-902, and it needs to get done now, or it'll never get done.
Next, we took care of all these big -6 and -7 rivets on F-7101 and F-713.
Another example of setting the "unreachable" rivets on your own. That moron will stick his hands anywhere I tell him to.
Dufus managed to do all of these rivets on his own. He asked why I wasn't helping. I told him these can't be done with two people. No way I'm going to stand next to that idiot when he has a rivet gun in his hands. So what if I let him buck, you ask? Yeah, sure, that's all I need is to have him drop a 3lb bucking bar on my foot. Sorry, he's on his own, here.
Hope you did a good job of deburring the fuel tank access holes. This could get bloody.
I made Dufus do the overhead rivets. I hate bucking overhead.
Ok, that's all of the rivets that can be reached solo. I'm gonna need some help to finish the side skins.