Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-04-30 - Riveting the side skins - right bottom rivets. (3.0 Hrs).

Again, we had a few problems similar to yesterday, and we managed to duplicate yesterday's effort, only this time we did the right side.

I did figure out how to fix the problem with the three rivets in the AFT end of F-623 that holds the attach strap, as well as the attach strap on the FWD end of F-623. I used AACQ-4-4 pop rivets, which are a lot longer than the MK-319-BS rivets. Of course, these require a 1/8" hole, so when I installed the first few rivets they stuck up a little. I was just happy that they were long enough to fix yesterday's screw-up. Anyway, I figured-out that the holes needed to be countersunk for the larger rivet, and they turned-out good, after I drilled-out a couple.

We did to the right what we did to the left, yesterday.
The only notes, are that I had to use an MK-319-BS pop rivet, here...
...as well as an AACQ-4-4 in the hole next to it on the bottom (FWD hole in the F-623 attach strap).
I used AACQ-4-4 pop rivets on the F-623 AFT attach strap.
Here, you can see yesterday's screw-up. Hint, there should be an AFT attach strap here, but the MK-319-BS rivets barely fit through the bottom skin, side skin, and F-623. The AACQ-4-4 pop rivets fixed this problem, nicely.