Fuselage - Forward Section

2006-05-06 - Riveting the side skins - this and that. (3.0 Hrs).

I wanted to take care of the rivets inside the fuselage where the baggage floor ribs attach to the AFT fuselage. Unfortunately, those ribs did not want to be riveted, so I will have to get to them after we tip the canoe. I did manage to rivet about half of the bottom rivets on the F-772 bottom skin by myself--now I need some help.

We missed a few rivets last week.
I need to do the rivets that attach the center section ribs to the F-706 bulkhead.
This was the result of trying to squeeze those F-706 bulkhead rivets. I did this more than once. I think I tried this a month ago, with the same results. These rivets just cannot be squeezed. I need to pound them, so I gave up on them today after a great deal of frustration.
We need to finish off the F-772 bottom skin rivets. Yes, there are more clecos here than last week. I added the the floor stiffeners that I forgot to cleco on last week.
I managed to get quite a few rivets set on my own. I got all but the the center 6 rivets along the AFT edge of F-772, and all but 8 on the FWD edge of F-772 where it attaches to the angle riveted to the firewall. Plus, I got a bunch of the rivets in the FWD half of the floor stiffeners. That's all that I can do on my own.
I got Patricia to help me with these AFT rivets that we missed last week.