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2006-07-03 - Installing the side rails. (4.5 Hrs).

Got started on installing the side rails. Depending upon whether you are doing a slider of tip-up, there are some modifications that have to be made to the F-721 side rails and the F-757 gussets. Getting the two parts right requires you to install and remove both parts probably a dozen times. Kind of wanted to do a good job here, since it is the first thing you see when you climb in.

F-721 side rails need to be trimmed to fit. There are holes to follow that are already drilled. Hacksaw was the best tool to cut the slot (end tab already removed by snips).
I used a thin file to widen the slot to fit F-757.
A roll of masking tape is just about right for marking the radius on F-757 (note, you tip-up guys can ignore this step).
F-721 before and after cutting the slot and removing the end tab.
F-757(R) cut on the bandsaw. Need to make it fit.
Need to trim away the orange part.
The left side went much faster than the right side, as usual. Don't forget to trim the outside of F-721 flush with the side skin--orange spots need trimming.