Fuselage - Top

2006-07-08 - Installing the side rails and F-695 gussets. (4.5 Hrs).

Finished-up the side rails, and started working on the F-695 gussets.

I started off today by setting the rivets that attach the right longeron to the side skins in the cabin area. This is the area between the F-7106 FWD top skin and the F-7112 AFT top skin. The instructions do not mention when to do this, so I looked at all of the plans, and could not find a reason not to do this now. Some other builders did these rivets while the fuselage was upside down, so I guess today was as good as anytime.
Final fit on the left F-721A/B before riveting them on.
Then, I remembered the 3 holes that needed to be drilled and countersunk for the AFT end of F-757.
I decided to rivet the side skins to the longeron, before riveting F-721A/B to the longeron. Notice, longeron yoke being used on the longerons--it's the little things.
F-721A riveted to F-721B prior to riveting them to the longeron.
Left F-721A/B riveted on, as well as the side skin/longeron rivets along the cabin. BTW, riveting the side skins first worked out nicely, as well as riveting F-721A to F-721B prior to installing. Both sequences allow you to use a squeezer.
That's both F-721X's installed. No airplane noises, yet.
Started on the F-695 gussets. Here, I have already drilled the holes in F-695-R, and drilled two holes in the FWD angle and the FWD longeron. Starting with #40 holes, will enlarge to #30.
Deburring the underside of the firewall angle.
F-695-R drilled and deburred, ready to rivet to the firewall.
First, we need to use F-695-R as a template to drill F-695-L.