Fuselage - Top

2006-07-09 - F-695 gussets, F-636, and more. (4.0 Hrs).

Riveted the F-695 gussets to the top longeron and the firewall angle frame. Drilled and deburred the F-636 shoulder harness anchors. Started on the F-728A Bellcrank support.

F-695-R riveted in place, no problems. A few months ago, a builder on the RV-lists had problems riveting this part. Not sure what the problem was, since all but two rivets can be squeezed.
Left side done, also.
Drilling the seat belt harness anchor to the left longeron.
Both F-636 seat belt harness anchors, filed and polished.
Removed F-728A/B and riveted F-728B to F-728A. You may have remembered a few months ago, when we first cleco'd these parts together, the instructions said not to rivet them. Well, there is absolutely no reason not to have riveted these parts back then.
This is where I figured out that I have been using the wrong holes to attach F-728 to the top of the F-706 bulkhead. We need to drill these holes for F-728. The holes on the left side are used to attach F-787 to the top of F-706. It pays to look at the plans once-in-a-while.
When we cleco everything together, it should look like this. Ok, this picture sucks. Anyway, just look at the plans.
Set the 4 flush rivets at the top of F-706/F-728.
Set the rivets at the bottom of F-706/F-728. Still need to do the bottom rivets, and the 3 rivets that attach the baggage ribs. Need a little help here.