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2006-07-15 - Elevator bellcrank and F-656 gusset plates. (4.5 Hrs).

Assembled the F-635 elevator bellcrank, and installed the F-656 gusset plates.

Make the F-635B spacer for the F-635 elevator bellcrank. Not exactly rocket science.
F-635B spacer installed, ready to drill the VA-146 flange bearing, and one F-635C spacer marked, ready to cut.
Deburring F-635A's. Both parts had a nasty tooling gouge. The left part has been smoothed out on the Scotch-Brite wheel.
F-635 complete, ready to fit to F-728/F-729.
Fits real good.
F-765 clamped to the upper longeron, ready to drill. Again, not rocket science.
Yet another case where the 8" drill bits came in handy.
All 4 pieces, deburred, ready to rivet.
Instructions say "rivet anytime"--that means now.