Fuselage - Top

2006-07-16 - Fitting the AFT top skins. (4.5 Hrs).

This was a good day. I installed both AFT top skins. The fuselage is starting to look like an airplane.

The top J-stringers were previously fabbed, but apparently, not fully deburred.
Attaching the AFT top skin.
It took a bit of effort, but the F-775 rear top skin is on. We need to attach F-707B here.
The plans were pretty clear on DWG 21. Do not rivet until assy with F-787. If I had paid attention, I would not be drilling out the top two rivets on the F-707 bulkhead.
Fabbed F-707B (i.e., cut off a piece of .063 angle).
Drilled F-707B to the F-707 bulkhead.
F-787 in place.
Cleco on just a few holes in F-7112 FWD top skin so I could mark where F-707b needs to be drilled to F-787.
Both top skins cleco'd on, and drilled.
Oops, forgot to drill the J-stringers, now we're done.
Emmie's happy to be done. It's hotter than, well, let's just say it's pretty hot out here, today.