Fuselage - Top

2006-07-22 - Fitting the AFT top skins. (4.5 Hrs).

It seems like things are going pretty good right now. Nothing major, just a bunch of little things, where you can complete at least one task every 4 hour work period. Today's task was to complete the F-6111 Ribs (I am doing a slider). I had a few problems, but managed to get both ribs done, and start on the F-750 baggage side covers.

Our next task is to install these two F-6111 side ribs.
The problem is that they don't exactly fit. They need to be shortened (how much?) and twisted.
So, I started twisting and hacking on the F-6111-R part, and this is what I ended up with. I thought I saw the black line through the hole when I drilled the part to the top skins, but I was wrong. This part is too short and the last few holes are out of line.
Ok, that part is bad, but I decided to see if I could make it fit better, before going on to the left side. I found that there was no way to get F-6111 to fit properly at the top. I could not pull the top of F-6111 out enough to get the holes in the top skin to line up with the center of the F-6111 flange. So, it looks like this may be the best that I can do. We'll see with the left side.
Cleco's on the outside.
BTW, I probably shouldn't show this, but I missed the second hole that I drilled in F-6111-R, also. When I redrilled the hole on the centerline, I had a figure-8, so this is the fix for that screw-up. I know, this part is jinxed.
Ok, let's do this right. First, instead of just hacking off the end of of F-6111, I cut more of a notch in the end to get a nice transition here. That's better, already.
Next, start drilling the holes from the bottom of F-6111, making sure that the flange on F-6111 is centered along the line of holes in the top skin.
Then, before drilling the upper holes in F-6111, we need to get the inspection mirror and look where the end of F-6111 lines up with the F-706 bulkhead. Cut off a little at a time on F-6111 as we drill the next hole working towards the top of F-6111.
When we are done, the end of F-6111 should mate to F-706, exactly--it does.
Outside cleco's on the left side.
BTW, this is what the bottom of F-6111-R looked like. I prefer the nicely trimmed left side.
Started working on installing the F-750-L/R baggage side covers, but it looks like someone has already installed the nutplates that are supposed to be riveted to F-750 and the F-724 bulkhead. I can either drill out the nutplates and reinstall them correctly, or I can just drill a few new holes between the nutplates and rivet F-750 to F-724. What would you do?
Problem solved-did.