Fuselage - Cabin

2006-07-23 - The baggage compartment (steps and AFT side covers). (4.0 Hrs).

Started to continue working on the F-750 baggage side covers, and ended up finishing the last few rivets on the bottom of F-728 and the F-706 bulkhead. Also, decided to install the steps before finishing the F-750 baggage side covers.

Here's another example of Van's retarded instructions. We need to drill and rivet F-750 to parts of the fuselage. However, we just got through cleco'ing on the top skins, which makes access to the AFT side of F-706 pretty cumbersome. Better to install this panel prior to doing the top skins. So, I removed the F-7112 top skin to make this easier.

BTW, I thought I had already match drilled F-750, but I was wrong. There were still #40 holes where we need to install LP4-3 rivets.

Another dilemma with installing the F-750 baggage side covers. Notice the large hole below F-750. That's for the steps. If I install F-750 before I install the steps, then I will have to use pop rivets on the steps. However, if I install the steps now, I will be running into them for the next 200 hours.
While I was thinking about the steps, I decided to finish up the rivets where F-728 attaches to the baggage ribs and F-706. Afterwards, I decided that the bottom rivet that was previously installed had to go.
Here's the fix. Yep, that's a big honking 3/16" pop rivet. Not pretty, but effective. Patricia helped by bucking the bottom rivets where F-728 attaches to the bottom skin.
Obviously, I decided to go ahead and install the steps now. Unfortunately, 3 of the first 5 rivets were trashed. The C word was liberally used during this operation, but it didn't help. I turned down the rivet gun from about 60lbs to maybe 50lbs, and there was only one more bad rivet afterwards. I had a hard time holding the rivet gun onto the rivet because the side skins were flexing so much.
Right step installed. Of the 4 rivets that had to be drilled out and replaced, only 1 had to be drilled out again. The skins really flex when shooting that upper AFT rivet. That's enough for today, my back aches.
A picture of the inside, just to be thorough.