Fuselage - Cabin

2006-07-30 - The baggage compartment (baggage bulkhead). (4.5 Hrs).

Trimmed the F-652 upper baggage bulkhead to fit, and drilled the holes between F-706 and the two baggage bulkhead pieces.

Started off today by drilling holes between the F-751 lower baggage bulkhead and F-706. Note, that the holes were just drilled to #40, so there is a little room to get a better fit once everything is in place. Then, I cleco'd on the top skin. This stiffens up F-706 and holds everything where it needs to be, so I guess Van knows a thing or two about building this thing.
Next, we need to radius the F-652 upper baggage bulkhead so it fits. The center is 17 inches in, and the start of the radius appears to be 9 7/8 inches out from the center, or a radius of approximately 7 inches. A string, a felt pen, and hopefully we have the correct marks.

Edit 8-6-2006: discovered later that in the middle of the DWG, it says the radius should be 8 1/2". Oh, well, 7" worked fine. I'll save this info for next time.

Note, I cut off a little at a time and held the part in place, just to make sure that I was on the right track--I was.
Initial fit looks like we need to take a little off on the right, which would be the port side of the fuselage.
Both baggage bulkheads in place. Just need to drill the holes to the final size. Oh, and install the seat belt cable wear blocks, and let's not forget to install all of the little nutplates, and ...